Meet Our Members | Jane Nziva

“I am proud that I am able to support myself. I have sent my children through school on my own” - Jane, Zawadisha Loan Recipient [TWEET THIS]


Meet Jane, a Zawadisha loan recipient who has been able to make dramatic changes for herself and for her family since joining Zawadisha. Take a moment to read how her life has changed--the return on what seems like a small investment will amaze you.


Z: Please tell us a little about yourself and your family -- where did you grow up, do you have brothers/sisters, how many children do you have now, what tribe do you belong to...

J: I was born in Machakos to a family of nine, but there are currently only six of us left. I have six children. I studied up until Class 7, then left school to help my family. I got married in Machakos, then moved to Itinyi, Maungu.


Z: What is your most memorable experience as a child?

J: I loved going to church and general church activities although it was uncommon at that time due to the focus on other traditional religious activities. My parents disagreed with me going to church, but i still went anyway, and they eventually converted. The lessons I learned then have guided me through my my adult years.


Z: What has changed in your village or in Kenya since you were a young girl?

J: Life back then was hard because there were no groups which helped women and the community band together. The groups have helped me grow.


Z: Now that you are a grown woman, what is the one thing that you are most proud of?

J: I am proud that I am able to support myself. I have sent my children through school own my own. Through Zawadisha trainings, I am now able to stand in front of a crowd of people and teach them.


Z: What brings you joy?

J: The change in my husband in regards to his openness to groups. He has come to realize that in order for us to keep going forward, he would need to be open to me going to group meetings, and he even helps me at home when I need to have a meeting.


Z: What does the future look like for you, your family, and your community?

J: I see continued education, knowledge on proper loan procedures, and saving money. Zawadisha to continue the work they are doing.


Z: What do you want other people to know about you, your family, and/or your community?

J: To know how much my life has changed. I have been able to build, and I have sent my children to school.


Z: If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

J: I want to continue to increase awareness on how important it is for women to join groups worldwide for increased growth. And also for them not to ignore their children’s education as a means to eliminate poverty.