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The Women of Kasigau: Meet the Bungule Women's Group

From left to right: Dorocus, Elpina, Josephine, Eunice, Margaret, Christine, Emarline, Hope, and Dorine

From left to right: Dorocus, Elpina, Josephine, Eunice, Margaret, Christine, Emarline, Hope, and Dorine

Editor's note: This post is a new approach for Zawadisha. Normally we feature the women who we currently with in Kenya. But we recognize the importance of telling the stories about the women who are waiting patiently for their water tanks, their solar lamps, their clean cook stoves. Our community includes them, and we want to share their stories with you. You can help us fund them by donating to Zawadisha and typing Bungule in the memo line.


“The more you work hard, the more you get.” - Group mantra


Meet the Bungule Women Basket Weavers, the very first women’s group to form in the rural Kasigau area located approximately eight hours south of Nairobi.  By joining together, the women have empowered each other and inspired more independence in each other.  Through basket weaving and growing vegetables in their greenhouse, they now earn additional money to that helps them “stand on their own two feet," as they like to say in Kenya. The women are not solely dependent on their husbands as the only providers of income, and the result is that they now are able to determine the necessities that they need. This group leads by example and has inspired others in the area to form similar groups.  

The women’s group has participated in table banking for the last year, where the women contribute a small amount to the group each month so that a different member can take out a loan.  Once they have taken a loan they pay a higher rate until the loan is paid back.  This practice has instilled the discipline to pay back their loans and opened so many more opportunities.  Now if they need money to pay for their children’s school fees they have somewhere to turn.  Loans of water tanks and iron sheets will help the women to collect more water at their homes.  This will keep them from having to walk long distances to collect water and allow them more time to weave baskets which is their primary source of income.

Chairlady: Christine Nyange is the chairlady of the Bungule Women basket weavers.  She has lead the group since it was founded 13 years ago.  The group works based off the principle, “The more you work hard, the more you get.”  She leads the group by ensuring that everyone is sharing ideas and working together.