Fiscal Sponsorship

Zawadisha provides fiscal sponsorship and technical assistance (consulting, grant writing, organizational development, and program evaluation, for example) for projects and programs that work to empower and improve the lives of women. The purpose of providing fiscal sponsorship is to provide opportunities for increased capacity, connection, and collaboration. Securing fiscal sponsorship with Zawadisha is a cost and time effective way to implement new projects and programs and test new approaches. Our vision is to support fiscally sponsored projects  in sharing ideas, lessons learned, and strategies to affect greater change globally and locally.

Providing incredible flexibility, fiscal sponsorship allows the creation of new projects and products without establishing a new, separate non-profit organization. It also provides a non-profit arm for for-profit, triple bottom line initiatives. We are able to receive charitable donations and grants on behalf of our fiscally-sponsored projects, and for a small fee, we support the project in maintaining compliance with the necessary legal and financial requirements for all project activities, and allow project leaders to focus on social change.

Fiscally sponsored projects of Zawadisha will not be separate and isolated entities; rather, they are an integral part of our organization that help us meet a broader mission to make a positive difference in the lives of women. 

Please contact us to learn more.  Download an application here.