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Thanks for coming into our lives and caring about and loving our families. I do not need to use so much charcoal because of my jiko cookstove and I am able to save money and manage my finances after participating in the savings trainings.

Emarline Kijala Mwaranganya, Msangarinyi Women's Group

Thanks for the water tank & solar lamp, I can now focus at night on creating baskets to sell to supplement my income.

Nzikwa Masonge, Kisimenyi Basket Weaving Women's Group

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When I am finished with my loan for solar lights, I will take another loan for another product. My solar light means that I don't have to use paraffin anymore, which is much healthier for my family.

Betty Zighe Mwawughanga, Msangarinyi Women's Group

I appreciate the water tank, as now I do not have problems with water, and I am able to use it to water my vegetable garden, which I learned how to plant during Zawadisha's horticulture trainings.

Enlinah Mkaluma Mwashako, Msangarinyi Women's Group

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My quality of life has changed dramatically very quickly. I am now more financially stable because I have started saving monthly. 

Florence Mwadime, Marere Arts Women's Group

I have been able to build a rental house with my new iron sheet loan, and I'm grateful for the loan management trainings that have improved my quality of life because I can now manage my money. 

Betty Zighe Mwawughanga, Bungule Basket Weaving Women's Group

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Thanks for the water tank loan, now my family does not have to walk far to fetch water and my children can focus on their studies. Our crops are healthier now because I have learned to make traditional insecticide.

Everlyne Mkoli Mbokomu, Msangarinyi Women's Group

Life has changed dramatically for the better because of our solar lamp, as we are no longer using kerosene. I can make soap to sell. I can make traditional insecticide to rid my plants of insects. Thank you, Zawadisha, because you brought us out of poverty.

Dora Shida Mwakindo, Marere Arts Women's Group

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