This Isn't Charity, It's Change

At Zawadisha, we've always done things differently.

In 2011 we set out to remove the barriers for rural Kenyan women to access clean energy and water products by eliminating up-front costs through an in-house financing and distribution program.

We're kind of like the Rent-A-Center for items like solar lamps, rain water tanks, and clean cook stoves. We deliver these items directly to the doorsteps of women in rural villages and allow them to pay for them over time. We also provide trainings in leadership, financial literacy, and micro-enterprises.

Over the years we've given out thousands of loans, provided thousands of hours of training, created jobs for Kenyan women, planted hundreds of trees, and today, we're opening up this shop. 

Why? We're looking to do fundraising differently. Donation letters and galas are such a drag, so we thought we'd scour Kenya and South Africa for some of the most unique and beautiful handmade goods we could find and make them available to you. 

100% of proceeds of sales from our shop support our micro-lending program in Kenya. Want to learn more about Zawadisha? Click here.