Join Us In Kenya

We've teamed up with the women-owned travel company Origins Travels to create a trip to Kenya that is adventure rich in wildlife, serene scenes, and sheer woman-power.

Join us on a trip through colorful Kenya in July of 2022!

While hoards of travelers will be departing for the north, Origin Travels is taking you to the vibrant south.

:: Swoon over baby elephants at the incredible Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

:: Explore bustling Nairobi.

::  Hang out with the change-making women of Zawadisha.

:: Meet Mama Mercy, a champion for the environment and local superhero who worked with women to help themselves improve their socioeconomic status.

:: Safari through the secret gem of Tsavo National Park.

:: Soak in the sun on the pristine beaches of the Kenyan coastline.

:: Devour Kenyan home cooking.

Let's just say we made sure that this trip had a bit of everything you could want. And more.

Get all of the details and book your spot here. Looking for our cycling trip? Click here.