Meet The Maker | Amina Hassan

If you were to visit Kenya, you would find Amina weaving alongside the other members of the Neema Women's Group. To get to their small banda, you must ride on the back of a piki (that's what we call motorcycles near the coast in Kenya) through acacia trees and along narrow footpaths.

Once there, you will find them caring for their Change Makers garden, weaving baskets, table banking, drinking tea, and of course, spilling the tea ;)  

These groups are a safe and welcoming place for women like Amina, who is a mother of 11, with 5 sons and 6 daughters. She has been weaving for two years now, and the income she earns from selling her baskets helps her care for her family.

She also has been a member of Zawadisha since 2012. Over the years she has taken four cycles of micro-loans, repaying each time, and on time. She now has two water tanks, three solar lights, and a set of iron sheets lining the roof of her home.

When you shop at Zawadisha, women like Amina have a way to earn a living. Their traditional crafts are honored. And their micro-loans are funded.

Want to see some of the handmade woven African baskets that Amina and her group weave? Head on over to our handmade basket collection here.