Behind the Scenes | Meet Our Team

The work that Zawadisha does goes beyond providing loans to women in the community. We offer employment skill training and distribute water products. We ensure that the women we work with have access to clean energy. We focus on expanding connections with groups throughout rural Kenya to spread the change.

All of this work is only possible with the dedication of our Kenyan team members, including our newest addition, Lawreen Nyae. Lawreen is Zawadisha’s Data Input and Loan Orientation Officer. She joined us in late 2020 as we recognized that the increase in demand for our services would be too much for our two-person team to handle. 

Lawreen ensures that we have updated information about each of our groups and inputs relevant numbers and details into our database. She also directly coordinates with the women’s groups within our community as a Loan Orientation Officer in which she informs the Chair Ladies of the women’s groups about Zawadisha’s micro-lending model.

Larwreen’s commitment to maintaining personal connections with our women’s groups and keeping Zawadisha’s information systems on track helps us to reach our goals. Her work directly impacts the daily lived experiences of women in our community, ensuring that they have water, light, and supplies for their farms. Because of Laureen, we we're able to respond to the needs of our community and make sure that women are seen, heard, and supported. 

The women at Zawadisha and women’s groups everywhere thank Lawreen for her invaluable work and perseverance in empowering women to create change in their lives.

When you shop at Zawadisha, you can feel good knowing that 100% of sales ensure that we can create jobs for women like Lawreen and continue to serve the women of Kenya. Together we are improving women's lives one loan at a time.