Amplifying Voices Near & Far

Despite the setbacks with COVID, the Zawadisha family continues to grow as fearless women take initiative to support their communities. When they help us introduce our microlending model to new groups in new regions, we are able to fund more loans and help these women get closer to achieving their dreams.

Loice Magingi is one of the women who makes it possible for us to extend our influence and encourage more women to take charge of their livelihoods and futures. She is a dedicated and passionate individual who empowers our Zawadisha family because she makes it a priority to amplify the voices of women everywhere. Recently, Loice connected Zawadisha with a women’s group from a new region in Kenya called Sagala. Her strategic thinking and creative mindset have encouraged us to work with women in new regions and bring about more powerful change.

With women like Loice working to bring her vision to life and empower other women to do the same, we’re confident in Zawadisha’s mission to radically improve the lives of women. We’re grateful for the work Loice does for the Zawadisha community so that we can continue investing in future generations of women.

And we're grateful for you too. Did you know that 100% of sales from our shop support our microlending program in Kenya? You can feel good and do good when you shop our collection of handcrafted African goods.