She's a real star

Zawadisha relies on a strong network of local women leaders. With this powerful community, we are able to provide loans and tools to rural Kenyan women who have dreams of financially supporting their families and pursuing their ambitions outside of the home.

We’d like to recognize an integral part of this community, a woman who is a leader and visionary: Betina Samba from the Miritini Raising Star Women’s Group in Kenya. 

Betina is a true change maker. She strives to bring groups of women together in an effort to collaborate on important projects and realize new levels of excellence. She helps women in search of financial tools and loans to help their communities to find resources, and earlier this year she was able to connect a new women's group with us. Due to their vision and persistence, have already begun to repay it. 

Building off of the success of her leadership among her women’s group, Betina has also started to organize other groups in her areas and encourage them to work with Zawadisha to attain their goals.

It is this commitment to change and progress that makes Betina such an important part of our network. In our Kenya Country Director Monica Makori’s words, Betina “Is a real star ready to help other women bring change to their lives” and a “true leader.”

We stand by these words and are truly grateful for Betina’s dedication to our mission and empowering other women to seek out their dreams.