Meet Our Members: Susan Warombo

Building relationships is at the core of Zawadisha’s mission. Bonding with women and members in the community, strengthening connections with organizations whose mission aligns with that of Zawadisha, and activating new relationships with leaders and entrepreneurs are all key goals that we emphasize in our work.

A relationship we’d like to highlight this month is with the Chairlady of Mlangonyi Women’s Group, Susan Warombo. Susan is known as a strong and honest leader in her group, leading through struggles she faces in her personal life and among issues with members.

During times when one of our members in Kenya may be late on a paying loan, Susan often takes initiative to work collaboratively with Zawadisha by visiting the member and ensuring that the loan is paid or an agreement is arranged to obtain the loan by a deadline.

While maintaining the integrity and mission of her women’s group, Susan has also supported her community through efforts to empower women in their journey of financial independence.

Through Zawadisha’s relationship with Susan and her community, she has been able to expand her women’s group, take on more members, and fulfill her goal of enabling all women to pursue their passions and ambitions in life.

This month, we want to spotlight Susan and all of the wonderful work and progress she has made throughout her life and the time that we have worked with her.

Zawadisha hopes to continue working with change-making women like Susan and empower more women who strive to support their communities.

And you can too, knowing that 100% of proceeds from the sales of our shop support women like Susan and our micro-lending program in Kenya.