• Poverty Is Sexist

    Poverty Is Sexist

    Why did our founder Jen Gurecki start our microlending program in Kenya? Well, poverty is sexist.
  • They Never Expected This

    They Never Expected This

    In July, Zawadisha did something that no one expected. We opened a retail shop in the available space adjacent to our office in Maungu. In a matter of days, the team cleaned, painted and stocked the shelves. Flyers circulated among the surrounding villages, and on the morning of the first day a line of local women waited for the doors to open.

  • Planting The Future ūüĆĪ

    Planting The Future ūüĆĪ

    Our commitment to planting trees goes beyond offsetting our environmental impact. It's about deliberate actions that will help to make women's lives better, support vibrant under-resourced communities, and help repair the damage caused by deforestation. 
  • Sometimes You Need A New Roof

    Sometimes You Need A New Roof

    Recent research has questioned the effectiveness of micro-loans for businesses, but it's also shown that when micro-loans are used for household items, such as are Zawadisha’s, the system is extremely successful. Learn more about our model and what makes it shine. 
  • A passion for basketweaving

    A passion for basketweaving

    Get close to the magic of basket weaving with Gladys Malemba in this short video, shot at her homestead in the Taita Hills. She shares some of the secrets of twining, natural dyeing, and basketweaving.
  • Behind the Scenes | Meet Our Team

    Behind the Scenes | Meet Our Team

    Our work in Kenya is only possible with the dedication of our Kenyan team members, including our newest addition, Lawreen Nyae. Because of Laureen, we we're able to respond to the needs of our community and make sure that women are seen, heard, and supported.