• Amplifying Voices Near & Far

    Amplifying Voices Near & Far

    Despite the setbacks with COVID, the Zawadisha family continues to grow as fearless women take initiative to support their communities. When they help us introduce our microlending model to new groups in new regions, we are able to fund more loans and help these women get closer to achieving their dreams.
  • She's a real star

    She's a real star

    Zawadisha relies on a strong network of local women leaders. With this powerful community, we are able to provide loans and tools to rural Kenyan women who have dreams of financially supporting their families and pursuing their ambitions outside of the home. We’d like to recognize an integral part of this community, a woman who is a leader and visionary: Betina Samba.

  • Meet Our Members: Susan Warombo

    Meet Our Members: Susan Warombo

    This month, we want to spotlight Susan and all of the wonderful work and progress she has made throughout her life and the time that we have worked with her. Zawadisha hopes to continue working with change-making women like Susan and empower more women who strive to support their communities.

  • Why Buy Handmade?

    Why Buy Handmade?

    We can choose to shop in a more conscientious manner, by ensuring that even if we’re not buying local, we are buying handmade. This type of conscientious consumerism supports local economies around the globe and reduces waste and environmental harm. 
  • Meet The Maker | Amina Hassan

    Meet The Maker | Amina Hassan

    If you were to visit Kenya, you would find Amina weaving alongside the other members of the Neema Women's Group.When you shop at Zawadisha, women like Amina have a way to earn a living. Their traditional crafts are honored. And their micro-loans are funded.
  • Join Us In Kenya

    Join Us In Kenya

    We've teamed up with the women-owned travel company Origins Travel to create a trip to Kenya that is adventure rich in wildlife, serene scenes, and sheer woman-power. Join us in August of 2022 and get all of the details here.