• Be About Something Bigger

    Be About Something Bigger

    Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than Zawadisha's cycling trip across Kenya. Not only will you have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Kenya's landscapes and wildlife, but you'll also be supporting a great cause.
  • IWD 2023: From Allyship to Co-Conspirators

    IWD 2023: From Allyship to Co-Conspirators

    Taking action not just today but every day on this year's IWD theme, Embrace Equity, is part of my daily work. I read, I listen, I research, I speak, I act. We will only achieve equity if we move beyond allyship and into being co-conspirators.
  • Our Sister Shop in Kenya

    Our Sister Shop in Kenya

    The pandemic forced small businesses and organizations around the world to close, even here in our small rural community. But through it all, Zawadisha has remained strong. Our resilience and perseverance over the past few years prepared us for our next big opportunity.
  • Your Most Loved on Instagram

    Your Most Loved on Instagram

    We invite you to revisit — or discover for the first time — the Instagram posts our community loved the most in 2021. We hope you enjoy our roundup of standout stories from around Africa highlighting the incredible and beloved people and places that we call home. 
  • The Pride of Ownership

    The Pride of Ownership

    Before joining Zawadisha, Margaret had been working as a receptionist at a local hospital. In her new job, she was able to become more involved in the business side of the operation. She always loved mathematics and finance. Now she is putting her passion – and her pride – to work. 
  • It's Not One Size Fits All

    It's Not One Size Fits All

    Zawadisha is a non-profit whose mission is to finance the livelihoods of rural Kenyan women and 100% of all proceeds from our shop benefit our microlending program. What makes our model so special? Find out here.