Meet The Maker | Nina Bosch

Born and raised in a family of ceramic artists in South Africa, Nina Bosch creates fine, porcelain jewelry. Drawing inspiration from geometric and organic shapes found in nature, she started her business with the desire of finding a way to merge her surroundings together creatively.

Nina focuses on creating timeless, statement, wearable art jewelry pieces. Her creations are made from porcelain where she further incorporates a variety of different materials such as glazes, pigments, 18 karat gold lustre, and sterling silver.

Every piece is handmade with care and given special attention to detail while embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.

Her jewelry undergoes an intricate firing process which leads to different finished effects and ultimately individuality. It is hand painted with 18 karat gold lustre and fired to 740 degrees celsius. This is the last firing process before pieces are assembled with sterling silver. Every piece undergoes four firing processes: 850, 1200,1085, and 740℃.

You can shop her collection here.